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 Cafe Britt CoffeeTour

Imagine following the journey of a coffee bean on the plantation - from the plant to a cup of gourmet coffee.

When you take the CoffeeTour at Café Britt you'll do exactly that! The professional acting troupe, dressed in traditional garb, will escort you through a multi-media, interactive tour through the history of coffee. On the finca, as the plantation is called in Spanish, your day starts on six-acres of coffee fields, tropical gardens and coffee processing facilities. When you arrive, you are greeted by a breathtaking view from the lookout point with two of Costa Rica's most famous volcanoes on one side and a spectacular panoramic view of the Central Valley on the other. They'll teach you all about coffee cultivation - and not just by giving you the facts - feel free to pick a few ripe cherries to taste their sweetness or take a few of the dried beans home to grow a plant of your own!
From the fields, they'll take you into the roasting and packaging facilities where you'll soak in the aroma of roasting coffee and learn all about this magical process that turns a red coffee cherry into a delicious cup of java. Then, in the theater, sit back and watch a multi-media play and presentation of coffee's place in world history. Learn about how deeply coffee culture is woven into the history and people of Costa Rica - and be prepared to have a few good laughs while you're at it. Although incredibly knowledgeable, the troupe has a rather short serious threshold!

Tours Rates

Description Rates
Classic CoffeeTour (transport included) $37.00
Coffee Lover's Tour (transport included - min 2 persons) $58.00
Coffee Culture Tour (transport included - min 2 persons) $39.00
Perfect Combination (transport included) $70.00
Cappuccino Coffee Tour (transport included) $52.00
Rates valid from January 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2008
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