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Scuba Diving
Cocos Island

SCUBA Diving Locations
Cocos Island
Osa Peninsula
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Anchorage at Coco Island
Cocos Island Aerial View

Probably offers the single finest big animal diving experience in the world. COCOS ISLAND (TREASURE ISLAND) is an ocean oasis lying isolated 300 miles southwest of continental Costa Rica, where it concentrates the marine life from many hundreds of miles around. For centuries the hideout of pirates and adventurers, Cocos is recognized today as one the world's largest uninhabited island and, to many, the most beautiful as well as one of the last truly wild places in nature. It has been granted World Heritage status because of the quantity of marine life to be found in its vicinity. According to the February 1996 issue of Scuba Diving Magazine, Isla Del Coco is second in the Americas for the amount of larger animal species inhabiting its waters.

Hammerhead Sharks
Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

The waters around the island offer the excitement of diving with schools of Hammerhead Sharks, giant Manta rays, giant Moray eels, bottle nose dolphins, and the occasional whale shark! Additionally, you will see Moorish Idols, large schools of jack and tuna, Creole fish, lobsters, octopus and other various reef life. Silky sharks, silver tips, sailfish, marlin, and green turtles are also abundant in the area. The key word to describe Coco is ACTION!

The best time to dive Cocos Island is the May to December rainy season when you'll find the roughest sea conditions, strongest currents, lowest visibility and have the best chance to see the biggest animals. June, July and August are historically the best months for hammerhead sightings, while March and April are the worst.

The UNDERSEA HUNTER, a 90' luxury dive boat, is dedicated to bringing civilized comfort to delightfully uncivilized gems like Coco Island. The ship is sturdy, capable, and user friendly. Her 5000 mile range allows access to the most isolated corners of the hydrosphere, and she can carry food, water, diving gear, and supplies to keep 14 passengers and 8 crew comfortable for weeks.

The SEA HUNTER, is 115' of live-aboard comfort and convenience. It has accommodations for 18 in six double cabins and two triple cabins. She is a rare hybrid, combining the large working platform and powerful machinery of a functional work boat with the comfortable interior of a yacht.

Cocos Island
Cocos Island, 300 nautical miles from Costa Rica

The SEA HUNTER is specifically suited to accommodate two separate parties on board without compromising the freedom or facilities of either. She is equipped with a large deck and separate photography labs, a helicopter landing pad, large lounging area, guest library and an office with a personal computer.

Each ship is a superbly comfortable, stable and spacious vessel offering gourmet dining with its own personal chef, air conditioning throughout, sun deck and lounge chairs, washing machine and dryer, personal dive gear boxes, personal camera lockers, 6 slide processors and much more! Everything a serious dive photographer could wish for.

The "OKEANOS AGGRESSOR" is a spacious, 120' yacht that accommodates 21 divers and offers the amenities of luxurious staterooms, hot freshwater showers, a large dining room and salon, personal dive gear lockers, ample camera set-up and work tables, a ship's mini-boutique and restaurant.


Depth: 45 to 150 feet
Skill Level: Advanced
This islet off Cocos's northeast corner features a sheer wall and deep boulders on the west side and shallow orange plate corals on the east. Lazy white-tip sharks and marbled rays are stacked atop each other on the rocks. Hammerheads venture in close for barberfish cleanings. Locate the schools of creoles - they migrate toward big-animal action - settle into the rocks, and don't move.

Divers relax in giant waterfall

Depth: 65 to 150 feet
Skill Level: Advanced
Like diving the Grand Canyon. Half a mile off Cocos's northwest corner, this site has monstrous boulders sloping down the south side and a 100-yard-wide channel separating the main rock from a collection of pinnacles. Eagle rays soar between gaps, gorges and valleys formed by boulders, while hawksbill turtles and octopuses bop around the rocks. Look for whale sharks and mantas cruising the channel.

Depth: Surface to 200 feet
Skill Level: Advanced
A mile southwest of Punta Turrialba. This is a mammoth underwater rock with boulders hugging the southwest side and a wall on the northwest. A tornado of bigeye jacks sweeps around this site, while solitary tuna and pairs of wahoo hunt. Watch for mobila and Pacific manta rays during your safety stop.

Depth: 65 to 100 feet
Skill Level: Advanced
Islet at the mouth of Weston Bay. Someone emptied a cupboard of plate corals down the south slope of this site. There's an 85-foot wall on the north side. Look for orange, muppet-like frog fish on the wall at 55 feet and morays in the coral. Green and hawksbill turtles rotate around a pinnacle to the west.

Depth: 65 to 120 feet
Skill Level: Advanced
A half-mile off Punta Rodriguez, this islet features a 45-foot-high arch and a 60-foot pinnacle off the southeast side. Rainbow runners, yellowtail snappers and bigeye jacks stream through the arch. Cracks are packed with lobster. Hundreds of hammerheads swim between the islet and the pinnacle.

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Reservations and information

Eight-day charters:
Jan. 3, 2009 - Jan. 11, 2010 ............ deluxe $3,335; quad $2,935
Jan. 11, 2010 - Jan. 11, 2011 .......... deluxe $3,835; quad $3,435

Ten-day charters:
Jan. 1, 2008 - Jan. 2, 2009 .............. deluxe $3,495; quad $3,095
Jan. 13, 2009 - Dec. 25, 2009 .......... deluxe $3,735; quad $3,335
Dec. 25, 2009 - Jan. 7, 2011 ............ deluxe $4,235; quad $3,835

Charters Include:
  • Accomodation aboard the vessel
  • Diving, 4 dives per day
  • Guided dives, at least one divemaster per group.
  • Compressed air tanks, weights and weight belts
  • Hotel transfers on day of charter
  • All meals and snacks and non alcoholic beverages
  • Local beer and wine

Charter DO NOT include:

  • Airfare
  • Insurance
  • Equipment rental
  • Nitrox fills
  • Specialty courses or certifications
  • Hotel stays
  • Crew gratuity
  • Park fees or government taxes

Please note that we are happy to accommodate any special dietary requests
Okeanos Aggressor


Park Fees: A $35 per day (CASH ONLY, no traveller checks) charge per person will be collected during your charter.

Fuel surcharge: $100.00 per person.

* All prices are per person and quoted in USD. Rates, taxes and fees are subject to change without notice.

Guests must arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica one day prior to the vessel's departure to meet the transfer schedule to Puntarenas from San Jose. Your travel arrangements must include a one night stay-over, prior to the vessel departure, in San Jose.


Nitrox Certification Course : $150
Due to the dephts we dive on the island, Nitrox is a highly recommended course to take, the cost of the filling tanks if you do the course in Okeanos is $80

If you are already Nitrox certified, don't forget to bring your licence.

Filling of tanks up to 36% oxygen, $150 per charter.

Advanced Open Water Diver: $200
Specialities to choose from: Videography, Deep Diving, Boat Diving, Naturalist, Night diving..etc..

Introduction course to basic photography or videography. You will learn about different

Lenses, filters, cameras, housings and different techniques.


  • Bc/Reg $120 combo per charter
  • Diving computer $125 per charter
  • Night light $8


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