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ISLA DEL CAÑO (Peninsula de Osa)

Caño islandCAÑO ISLAND has been rated by Skin Diver magazine as among the best in the world and is one of the world's newest hot spots for adventure diving. Located off the Southwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this virgin area offers a variety of unique diving attractions, from 15 - 16' reefs to 80' "walls". The rock formations are volcanic origins; sea fans, cup coral, head corals are the most common. Because of its status as a Biological Reserve the diving in Caño Island is regulated. Only 10 divers maximum and 5 dive sites are open to the public. By law, it is totally prohibited to remove any marine objects dead or alive (shells, corals, etc.).

Although the currents and visibility are difficult to predict, the latter is usually outstanding and rarely gets below 50'. The name of the game here is "SHARKS"! Lots of them (white-tips) ranging in size from 6-10' as well as sea turtles, dolphins, stingrays, morays, and huge snapper and grouper.

This could very well be mainland Costa Rica's finest diving spot!


Depth: 20 to 80 feet
Skill Level: Intermediate
The area's main attraction, this site consists of volcanic mounds and canyons and is often patrolled by white-tip reef and bull sharks. Manta rays with 15-20' wing spans visit the site during the summer months (February to June). Schools (in the hundreds) of horseye jacks, barracudas, cubera & dog tooth snappers (40+ lbs.) are most likely seen, as well as tropicals like puffers, king angel fish, damsels, etc.

Depth: 65 to 70 feet
Skill Level: Intermediate
The name speaks for itself! The main part of this site is usually "stuffed" with big schools of blue striped snappers. Drop in on hundreds of circling barracuda eyeing schools of horse-eye jacks. Four-foot amberjacks stare boldly into your mask. Five rocky mounds are separated by sandy crops of garden eels. Parrot fish, triggers, eels, puffers, and occasionally sting rays, mobile rays and barracudas are regular residents.

rated by Skin Diver magazine as among the best in the world CUEVA DEL TIBURON
Depth: 50 feet
Skill Level: Intermediate
Located in front of the ranger station, "Shark Cave" - seven feet high, 40 feet long - houses white-tip sharks, but expect diamond stingrays and boxfish as well. Watch for pilot whales and sailfish during the safety stop. Puffers, damsels, Moorish idols, box fish, goat fish and other tropical are most likely to be seen.

EL ARCO (The Arch)
Depth: 60 feet
Skill level: Intermediate
Similar marine life as "Shark's Cave"

Depth: 50-60 feet
Skill level: Intermediate
Closest site to the mainland. Black corals, snappers, grunts, occasional big jelly fish (non-stinging) float by.

Depth: 40 feet
Skill level: Beginner-Intermediate
Close to Corcovado National Park, this site is a set of pinnacles filled with schools of fish. Rocks are sedimentary which houses lobsters regularly. Horseye jacks, barracudas, grunts, snappers, and rooster fish greet divers.

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For further information or reservations about Diving Isla del Caño click here

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