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Guanacaste Travel Tips

Guanacaste Travel Tips

las_baulas_playagrande_view2How to get there

By road take the Interamerican Highway west and then north towards Liberia. There are also several airstrips serviced regularly by the country’s domestic airlines, Sansa & Travelair.


If sun is what you’re after, sun is what you’ll get in this region. Temperatures can rise to the mid 90’s F. with little or no breeze during most of the year. Dry season lasts from November through April and cools down a bit during December and January. Rainfall is not a problem for the better part of the year.

What to bring

Hats, sunglasses, and long-sleeved cotton shirts are essential when visiting parks in the area. Shorts, comfortable trail shoes, and sandals should keep you comfortable. Plenty of water is a must when hitting the trails and try to get to them as early as possible in order to avoid the worst of the day’s heat.

What to see

Bolaños Island Wildlife Refuge is a great place to visit and serves as a nesting site for brown pelicans and magnificent frigate birds. The River Corobici makes up in wildlife what it lacks in whitewater.