Corcovado / Southern Zone Attractions

Corcovado / Southern Zone Attractions

Chirripo National Park

Mountain Chirripo  is the highest peak in southern Central America at 12,500 feet above sea level. The 22 km. climb is awe-inspiring and challenging and experienced hikers make it to the peak and back in two days. Chirripo National Park  encompasses 123,921 acres and contains 160′ tall oak trees, glacial lakes, and COLD temperatures.


Ballena National Park

Just south of Uvita, this park encompasses the largest coral reef on the country’s Pacific coast and Ballena Island is frequented by humpback whales and their young, December to April.


Las Cruces Biological Station

Includes the famous 25 acre Wilson Botanical Garden, which contains the most important botanical collection in Central America.

This lake is one of the greatest variety of waterflow, amphibians and reptiles.

La Amistad National Park

The border into Panama is Costa and one of the richest ecological biospheres in Central America, comprising eight life zones. It’s the wildest and wooliest of all, but with few trails or tourist facilities.